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iOS7 - Where has Spotlight Search gone?

As I start 'playing' with the Beta release of iOS7, i found myself trying to locate the spotlight search for the iOS. On the previous versions of iOS, you just swiped to the right and there it was. It's now changed!


What you have to do now is swipe down from somewhere not near the top of the screen to reveal a small search field. Don't get to close top the top as you may pull down the Calendar. Unlike the previous versions of spotlight search where you got results immediately based on what you were typing, you now have to press search button on the Keyboard to see your results. The results are also now grouped to make it easier to find. 


The image below show the difference between iOS6 and iOS7 Spotlight Search


b2ap3_thumbnail_ios6spotlightsearch.png b2ap3_thumbnail_ios7spotlightsearch.png



b2ap3_thumbnail_ios6spotlightsearch_results.png b2ap3_thumbnail_ios7search_results.png



To access what is searched on, go to Settings>General>Spotlight Search to change priority of what get searched and in what priority order.




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    Brendan Wednesday, 12 June 2013

    Thanks for highlighting the new features in IOS7. Very helpful.

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